State Parks and Recreation

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Pinnacle Mountain State Park

11901 Pinnacle Valley Road

Pinnacle Mountain State Park offers many options for visitors. My favorites include the trails.

Beautiful view of Little Maumelle River along the east side of Base Trail

(February 2012 - by TechTeach) The Base Trail is one of my favorite places to hike in Central Arkansas. Deer, raccoons, squirrels, many kinds of birds, snakes, dragon flies, butterflies, and much more can be seen along this beautiful trail. In summer it's mostly shady, but still pretty hot even during the morning, so take plenty of water. The trail is somewhat rocky in places, therefore not suitable for strollers or wheelchairs, but includes two benches along the way.

Cypress Knees

Wildflower - name?


Student:17 (5th)

Arkansas is called the Natural State. There are many state parks to visit and enjoy. Near Little Rock many people enjoy Pinnacle Mountain State Park. My family and I have hiked the East side of Pinnacle Mountain. It was steep and sometimes we have to grab onto something to keep climbing. The last ten minutes of climbing my younger sisters and brother had to stop. I felt great when I got to the top and could see the scene down below. Here is a picture of what I saw.

view from East side Pinnacle Mountain

If you want to try camping close to Little Rock, there are some state parks that have camping. Some of the close parks are Lake Catherine, Woolly Hollow, and Petit Jean State Parks. You can rent a cabin if you don't want to tent camp. I like to tent camp, and I have my own tent. If you don't have a tent you can do Rent-A-Camp at Lake Catherine and Petit Jean State Parks. You will get a tent (already set up), two cots, a lantern, stove, and ice chest. It is $40-$50 per day, and you should try it. Click on the link to find a state park you are interested in
If you want to make reservations to camp at a park, you can click on the park and it will give you phone number or email for each park.

The weather is very nice in Arkansas to be outside. Here are some types of recreation I like to do in Arkansas: soccer, track, tennis, waterskiing, biking, hiking, and rock climbing. For recreation hunting is very popular in Arkansas. Many of my friends go hunting with their dad or family. Some animals to hunt in Arkansas are deer, rabbit, pheasant, turkey, waterfowl, and squirrels. The most popular animal to hunt in Arkansas is deer, it is also the most popular in the United States. Deer move most early in the day and again later in the day. Get to your hunting spot an hour before sunrise or three hours before sunset. Deer can be hunted with a rifle or some people use a bow and arrow. If you are 16 or older you need an Arkansas hunting license. The link below tells where to hunt and what to hunt. Click on the map to find areas close, it gives the dates to hunt and what you can hunt during those dates.

rock climbing in Little Rock


IMG_0159.jpg by 07 State Park Officer at Crater of Diamonds State Park, March 23, 2012Picture_037.jpgPeople digging for diamonds by Student:07

Picture_033.jpgIn front of Fish and Game Museum in the River Market Area, March 22, 2012 by Student: 07

Man talking about the history of Arkansas hunting at Fish and Game Museum Student:07

Student: #13
Burns Park, AR
A rocket shaped equipent at burns park

Below is by student 16:

State Parks and Recreation

Mount Nebo, west of Dardanelle, Arkansas is 1350 feet high. It is part of the Ozark Mountains. Mt. Nebo State Park was created in 1933. Stones and logs from the mountain were used to build a lot of the bridges, trails, cabins and pavilions that are part of the state park. (
Pinnacle Mountain State Park is a popular park for hiking, studying nature and for enjoying the outdoors. It was created in 1977. There are seven hiking trails that range from easy to hard at the park. It is in west Little Rock, Arkansas. (

Pinnacle Mountain is a cone-shaped peak and is 1011 feet high. It is part of the Ouachita Mountain Range. (
Lake Ouachita State Park is located in the Ouachita National Forest by Mountain Pine, Arkansas, northwest of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Lake Ouachita is the largest manmade lake in Arkansas and has been named one of the cleanest lakes in the United States.Lake Ouachita is a recreational lake for swimming, skiing, scuba diving, boating, and fishing. (

Arkansas Plantation Agriculture Museum 025.JPG


Plantation Agriculture Museum

By Student 10

U.S. 165, Scott, AR 72142

Plantation Agriculture Museum is in Scott, Arkansas. It is an easy drive from Little Rock, and before you start touring the museum, stop by Cotham's for a bite to eat. My mom and I visited the wonderful museum on March 20, 2013. It's a small museum, but they have very knowledgeable guides. When you first walk into the museum they have tools that were used to care for livestock on the plantations. Then, when you walk into the next room, they have a big section on how people washed clothes. They also have lots of different washbasins. After that, when you turn around, there is a whole wall on cotton. They have information on planting, growing, and picking cotton. The knowledgeable guide shows you how to use a mini replica of a cotton gin. The guide also shows you how to turn cotton into thread.


Arkansas Plantation Agriculture Museum 001.JPG
Dortch Gin Building


Arkansas Plantation Agriculture Museum 002.JPG
Plantation Agriculture Museum
Arkansas Plantation Agriculture Museum 003.JPG
Chicken Incubator

Arkansas Plantation Agriculture Museum 004.JPG
Lard Press
Arkansas Plantation Agriculture Museum 007.JPG
Cotton Gin

Arkansas Plantation Agriculture Museum 008.JPG
This is the cotton gin that visitors get to use.
Arkansas Plantation Agriculture Museum 014.JPG
Lots of old tractors and machinery can be viewed on the property.

All of the pictures and information on the Plantation Agriculture Museum was gathered on March 20, 2013 by student 10.

Crystal Bridges

By: Student 09

This is one of the best- "Kindred Spirits" (1849) byAsher B. Durand (1796-1886) Student09

Crystal Bridges (in my opinion) is one of the best art museums in Arkansas, if not the U.S.A. I watched Crystal Bridges being built and went there every day after school on thier beautiful trails and epic exibits.

"Rosie the Rivetor" by Norman Rockwell Student 09

Pinocchio by Jim Dyne is WAY Big and TOO cool! Student09

What a creative way of looking at this wonderful pic! This is Devorah Sperber's "After The Last Supper"Student 09

This is a pic of Crystal Bridges in its process. Student 09

Below is by student 14
Petit Jean State Park is a very fun place to go to for hiking. Here are some pictures that my family took.

spring break 2012 007a.JPG
This picture was taken at the edge of the mountain Student 14

This picture was taken by Frances Bacic
spring break 2012 068.JPG
This picture was taken by Frances Bacic

spring break 2012 017.JPG
This picture was taken by Frances Bacic

This is a picture of Blanchard springs caverns.
This is a rock form in the cave.

blanchard springs caverns 017.JPG
This is a underground river at Blanchard Springs. Student 14

by Student 17
"Arkansas, The Natural State"

Arkansas' motto is "The Natural State." There are many things to do such as boating, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, rock climbing, and rafting. Arkansas has 52 State Parks that offer various activites. Some of those parks are Mount Nebo State Park, Petit Jean, Lake Quachita and the Crater of Diamonds.
( One of the activities I have always enjoyed is jumping off the cliffs at Greers Ferry Lake.